Peatoozee: A short warning

Many bloggers I know are participating in the A to Z challenge, wherein every day in Aprilbarring Sundays, bloggers pick up one letter of the alphabet and write a post around a word that begins with the letter. Bloggers have been planning about this for monthsdeciding on the topics, roping in guest writers, improving on ideas and doing whatnots.

I decided to not participate this year, owing to my busy schedule. (A busy schedule has been my goto excuse this year.) I am completely unprepared for this, and yet like a quintessential engineer, halfway through April I have decided to participate any way. I might have missed my coach, but at least I’ll catch the train. I’m calling this Peatoozee™ (name subject to change) as I missed A to O.

I have not written any fiction this year (except Inteqaam, which I did not write for the blog). The fiction section in my brain is rusty. All I can think of is flaky ideas that wither away on the slightest inspection. I’m using the Peatoozee™ as an excuse to chip off some bad ideas and get some bad stories out of the way. Hopefully better ideas would come by the time I finish this challenge.

I apologise in advance for any damage to your brains caused by reading my bad stories. Trust me, there’s going to be lots.


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