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In 2022, after intense negotiations, the Indian and Pakistani governments agreed to hold a referendum in Jammu & Kashmir. Armies on both sides retreated to allow peaceful resolution of the dispute.
However, the separatists in the state, led by the veteran leader Sajjad Lone capitalised on the lacuna and quickly grabbed hold of the power with the help of local militia and declared independence for United Kashmir.
After a few weeks of fighting, the armies of the two nations regained control of the state. Many leaders of the separatist movement, including Sajjad Lone escaped to China, where they lived the rest of their lives in misery, most of them marrying poor local women to palliate the Communist Party’s suspicions.
Descendants of the separatists grew up in a confusing environment. The land of their ancestors had disowned them. The land of their birth didn’t want them. Sajjad’s grandson, Inteqaam, was one of them.
Inteqaam was a despondent purposeless man, afflicted by a rare conditio…