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Shopped Quikrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

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One of the worst things about being an adult is taking care of your own laundry! Soak. Drain. Soap. Scrub. Rinse. Wring. Dry. Repeat. And when it rains! That’s the worst! the clothes never dry and the clouds never stop raining—especially in namma Bengaluru.

What I needed badly was a good washing machine. I have needed it all this while and I knew it. But I was not sure. Washing machines are huge and the good ones so costly! I did not want to spend a fortune to buy one now, especially when I was finally getting serious about saving money.

And then came an opportunity—an opportunity so great that it seemed too good to be true. BlogAdda mailed me on 20th October that they had selected me for the ShopQuikr contest! I was overjoyed. A little amazed too. The mail mentioned that as part of the contest, I could shop worth Rs. 5,000 through Quikr and get it reimbursed if I explained my experience in detail on the blog.

Quikr is like an advanced pinboard where people can put up ads for free. These ads are categorized according to area, recency, etc.. They are also easily searchable. I had used Quikr numerous times. I sold my first bike on Quikr. My parents sold a little furniture on Quikr. I almost bought my bicycle on Quikr. (I bought it first hand in the end only because the seller lived too far and I was in a hurry) I already had the mobile app installed. I quickly fired up the app.

The first thing that came to my mind was buying a Washing Machine. That was the one thing that I truly needed. But then I realised that buying a washing machine was the easier part. Transporting it back to my room was the harder part. Also, I was to go home for Diwali in a couple of days. I just didn’t have enough time to search for a good washing machine and arrange for its transport. Quikr only acts as a facilitator. The transactions happen directly between the users.

I returned back to Bengaluru on October 28th. There were only 3 more days for me to shop worth 5k to still be eligible. But I’d forgotten about it due to all the festivities of Diwali!

Finally. On 30th October. Yesterday. During a conversation with my parents, I remembered the contest. When I mentioned it, they told me to give it a try one last time since there was no reason I couldn't get a good bargain. And so I did!

My father(who is currently visiting me) and I sat down in front of the laptop and navigated to Quikr. It promptly asked me to select the city I lived in. I selected “Bangalore”. A colourful and easy to use webpage opened up. The items are neatly categorized and then subcategorized by the posters (people who post the ads).
The homepage of the site
I clicked on the search bar and typed in “Washing Machines”. Enter. And results upon results teemed up. You can follow the link
47 results only for Bengaluru!

Transportation was still going to be a big problem. So I chose to limit the search to only the areas near me. I decided to go with 6-7 areas in vicinity. There were still quite a few ads. A few of them were old (relatively). There was a chance that they had already been sold. Although Quikr tries to delete inactive ads in a few days, sometimes ads for products already sold still exist on the site because the posters forget to delete them after they are sold. So I selected the option of only seeing the ads posted in the last 3 days (27th to 30th). Then I set the price limit. I did not want to spend a lot of money too (not before the salary). I did not care about the brand of the machine or the tonnage so I left them untouched.

When the search concluded, six results showed up. You can follow my footsteps and do the same by following the link here. I opened all of them in tabs and analysed them. They were in the same general area as me, in the price range I desired and were recent enough. all of them seemed to be good propositions.

I noticed that two of the ads were by the same person. It also had a verified mobile number. It turned out that the ads were from a dealer. Quikr allows individuals, as well as dealers to post ads. Also, despite its reputation as a marketplace for used products, Quikr also allows new products to be sold by dealers directly.

Six relevant results near me
The advertisement mentioned that the washing machines were new. Since it was a dealer, I thought that maybe it was a shop that sells new washing machines and was using Quikr to promote itself. I was half right.
The ad that I decided to check

I decided to call him up. We found out that the shop remained closed on Fridays (like today). It was already about 8 pm. Luckily, since I had filtered the search to nearby locations only, the dealer’s shop turned out to be close enough. He also said that he delivers them to home. I was elated. I didn't expect to find such a good deal so easily.

We hopped onto a rickshaw and left for his shop. We reached in about fifteen minutes. He had given us the location of his shop over the phone. He had quite a few models actually. All of them used. I was a little disappointed. But then, I should have known more than to expect a branded washing machine for 5.5k. We asked him for the Samsung Washing Machine he had advertised on Quikr.

All of the washing machines, though used, were in working condition—recently repaired by him. I inspected the washing machine that we had come to buy. It was a fully automatic washing machine in a decent working condition. He gave me a guarantee of 3 months for it. After a little bargaining, he agreed to reduce the asking price by Rs. 500.

The washing machine at the shop
We gave him an advance. Luckily, with him, we were covered on the front of transportation. If we had bought from an individual, we'd have had to arrange on our own. Since it was very late, we decided that he would deliver the washing machine in the morning at our address.
The dealer gave us a demo at my place
Everything went very smoothly. Despite trying to buy at the very last moment, we were lucky to find the ad. In the morning, the dealer showed us a demo of the washing machine in my room in the morning. I am now the proud owner of a fully automatic (slightly rusted) Samsung washing machine!

If it were not for Quikr, I'd never have found the seller. Buying and selling used items has become so easy because of the site. And in the whole exercise, it did not even ask me to even login! That's how free it is! It was also so easy and fast. If this was a few years ago, I'd have ended up either shelling out a lot of moolah on a new washing machine, or made a bad deal on a used one. So I'm thankful to the site.

In the end, I’d like to add that I’m sleeping on clean bedsheets for the first time since I moved to Bengaluru!

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