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Shopped Quikrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

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One of the worst things about being an adult is taking care of your own laundry! Soak. Drain. Soap. Scrub. Rinse. Wring. Dry. Repeat. And when it rains! That’s the worst! the clothes never dry and the clouds never stop raining—especially in namma Bengaluru.

What I needed badly was a good washing machine. I have needed it all this while and I knew it. But I was not sure. Washing machines are huge and the good ones so costly! I did not want to spend a fortune to buy one now, especially when I was finally getting serious about saving money.

And then came an opportunity—an opportunity so great that it seemed too good to be true. BlogAdda mailed me on 20th October that they had selected me for the ShopQuikr contest! I was overjoyed. A little amazed too. The mail mentioned that as part of the contest, I could shop worth Rs. 5,000 through Quikr and get it reimbursed if I explained my experience in…

God is a Gamer : A Review

Title: God is a Gamer

Author: Ravi Subramanian

ISBN-13: 978-0143421399

Publisher: Penguin

Length: 328 Pages

In Short:Analytical, well-edited, well-researched, well-written modern thriller.

Ravi Subramanian has come up with one hell of a book! The writer combines his knowledge of finance, politics and technology to weave together a wonderful story of betrayal and vengeance that hooks you till the end!

The story progresses through seemingly unconnected events happening in Washington DC, Goa, Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar and Mumbai. The book has a sizeable number of characters and almost every character is vital to the story, but despite the huge number of characters, it is easy to keep track of them because a lot of the characters are confined to their locations and contexts: political, financial, technological.

The 300+ page story is divided into a hundred chapters, excluding the prologue and the epilogue. Each chapter focuses on a particular main character (although the narration is still…

Horseshoe Garage : A Review

Title: Horseshoe Garage

Author: Hitesha Deshpande

ISBN-13: 978-9382473459

Publishers: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd (February 19, 2014)

Length: 389 Pages

In Short: A lot of eye-rolling and hugging. And a blatant lack of common sense.

Horseshoe Garage is a romantic novel that revolves around a fictional motor sport called 'neo-racing'. This is the second published novel by the author.

I was genuinely surprised that Hitesha (a name I had presumed to be female), had chosen to go for a first person narrative in the voice of a male character. I actually cross-checked if the author was truly a female; and she was. Maybe not the best decision ever. It is a little awkward if you notice the male characters repeatedly rolling their eyes, blushing and hugging each other effeminately. The compensation came in terms of sudden outbursts of anger and excessive cursing from the male characters. The female characters were mostly perfidious and insecure. None of the characters showed any depth.

My ot…

An Interview

It was a surprisingly cold November morning. A thick layer of fog had settled down on the streets of Delhi, mellowing down every colour and cloaking the grime and bustle of the city. He had stood purposefully outside the bungalow, puffing mist into his woolen gloves and checking repeatedly for his dictaphone for a whole minute, but he still felt anxious when his finger finally touched the doorbell. He stepped back and waited for the door to open.

    A middle-aged woman opened the door. She was draped in a faded blue saree. Her hair was disheveled and her hands were wet. She wore no jewellery at all. Her big brown eyes looked at him enquiringly. “Are you the reporter?” she asked him.

    “Yes…, I am the reporter,” he replied.

    “Come in,” she said stepping aside for him to enter. “Sit down. I’ll call Vilochana,” she said directing him to a black leather sofa and locking the door. She swiftly walked inside with the efficiency of a marathoner.

    He looked around the spacious l…