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Duplicity : Chapter 15

The name of my team is "Writers' Express"

To start reading this story from the first chapter click here You can read the previous chapter of the story here     Jennifer awoke the next day fresh and early. It was a warm day. She had convinced herself that she was not doing anyone a favour by moping around. That's not how Maya would have wanted her to be. She had to do something to bring Maya’s murderer to justice. Even the very least that she could do would be better than doing nothing at all.

    She got up, drew open the curtains and made some coffee for herself. It was scalding hot so she sat down at her desk, blowing air on the cup for it to cool down. She picked up her laptop and kept it on the desk.

    She searched for any news about Maya. There was very little. A few online newspapers and blogs had mentioned her death, but the focus was not so much on the murder but what it represented to whoever was writing the article. They had asked rhetorical questions a…

Duplicity : Chapter 14

The name of my team is "Writers' Express"

To start reading this story from the first chapter click here You can read the previous chapter of the story here     Jennifer flicked through the wedding photos in the camera one at a time. Photos of Maya were interspersed between the photos of the bride and groom. She used to love posing for the camera and Jenny used to love photographing her. Those were the last photos of Maya: splashing water near the fountain, dancing with the kids, running with the groom's sandals, jumping on the steps to watch the bride put the varmaala around the groom's neck, lying face down in a pool of blood -- dead.

    Jennifer spun around with a jolt when she felt a tap on her shoulder. The air-hostess gave her a practiced smile and asked her to keep the camera away and tie her seat belt. The flight was ready for take-off. Jennifer switched the camera off, kept it away with her baggage, put on her seat belt and closed her eyes.


Duplicity: Chapter 1

The name of my team is "Writers' Express" IndexChapter 1: Pawan Hegde 
Chapter 2: Partha Sadhukhan
Chapter 3: Sujata Tawde
Chapter 4: Shilpa Halwe
Chapter 5: Manjulika Pramod
Chapter 6: Shazneen Pathak
Chapter 7: Anuradha Pentapalli
Chapter 8: Anuradha Pentapalli
Chapter 9: Anuradha Pentapalli
Chapter 10: Partha Sadhukhan
Chapter 11: Shazneen Pathak
Chapter 12: Manjulika Pramod
Chapter 13: Sujata Tawde
Chapter 14: Pawan Hegde
Chapter 15: Pawan Hegde

    Shekhar woke up lazily, rubbing his eyes, as the rays of the sun flitted through the thin curtains and fell on his face. He stretched his legs and noticed that they were aching from all the tennis the day before. He stretched his hands and let them fall on the bed.
    Tara was not in bed. She was already up, getting ready. He looked at her standing in front of the dressing table and smiled. She looked just as beautiful to him today as she had when he’d first seen her. She combed her short hair and cupped it to make sure they were bo…


“C’mon Jenna, don’t be stupid. Spirits are parasitic entities: not some magical unicorns. They don’t have any supernatural powers,” he said irritably, putting away his spectacles on the table. “Don’t blindly believe what Hollywood shows you; they don’t know anything."
    “You don’t know much either, Dr. Biswas,” she said with a sneer as the lights went out.

This post has been written for Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction Prompt - Darkness

Private India : A Review

This review is a part of the biggest Book Review Program for Indian Bloggers. Participate now to get free books!     I was overjoyed when I got the mail from BlogAdda informing me that I had been chosen to review ‘Private India’. It is the latest crime investigation thriller from the Private series of James Patterson. Now, to be honest, I’d never read his stories, but the book was co-written by Ashwin Sanghi, who is one of my favourites so I was excited to see how he would attempt a genre like this.

    Being a Ashwin Sanghi book, I had a few expectations of it. I expected the story to be driven by a host of interesting (grey) characters pursuing their own agendas, crossing paths to create a rich storyline. I expected a well-researched background. I expected politics and mythology being woven together. Tall expectations. But I was not disappointed at all!

    The epilogue gives us a glimpse of the terrible bomb attacks of 2006. This is a background story that runs as an undercurrent …