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Codename: Black

    'Oh such consumerism! Oh such consumerism! The crafty flipkart people! They just want us to think about things we want to buy, so that we buy them on flipkart! Oh such consumerism! Oh suc... Oh... I really do need to buy a lot of stuff! Damn you flipkart!'

Note: I definitely paraphrased my past-self here. I didn't really think exactly in those words.

    So it happens that I am one of the people who believe in the mantra of 'simple living; high thinking', but like anyone who moves to a new city, I do need to buy a lot of new stuff. I'm listing the things I'll be buying in black (pun not intended). Of course I needn't explain 'why black?'. Black is just sexy.

    The stuff listed below is straight from my actual wishlist. I would probably be buying these once I get my first salary; or the second one, if I don't have enough left (which is quite possible seeing how costly movie tickets are in Bangalore!)

1. Cable Internet

    This should go without explaining! I NEED my internet! It has become such a necessity, that it
feels difficult to survive without watching videos of people falling down stairs. The role TV filled in my childhood has been assumed by the internet. I gobble down complete TV show seasons at a time on the internet.

    Also, Bangalore has 50 Mbps cable broadband connections, which I am extremely eager to explore. Technically, I won't be buying the black cable that delivers the internet, but well, I think this should still count!

2. Bicycle

    It has been sort of a dream for me to buy a bicycle. Don't misunderstand me. I have had bicycles in my childhood. I just want to buy the adult version of a bicycle – the seriously cycley cycle, with gears and suspensions for the 'hipster' in me.

    I love the idea of powering my vehicle on Idlis and Vadas. Cycles are also more maneuverable than cars and motorcycles. For me, a cycle stands for freedom, vitality and everything nice.

    When I told my landlord that I might be buying one, he sniggered and said, “Bicycles are for kids!”. I'm definitely buying one now! You'd probably soon see me zipping through traffic on my black bike.

3. Induction Cooktop

    Living away from home can be challenging – especially food-wise. Luckily for me, I don't hate the 'South Indian' food in Bengaluru. Nevertheless, I want to learn cooking. I want to be able to satiate my taste buds with whimsical variety without punching a big hole in my pocket.

    Now is the perfect time for me to start. Here I can be assured that nobody but me would have to endure my cooking experiments. Also, given my utter inexperience in cooking, I would be free from the culinary biases of experienced cooks and be free to explore new combinations.

    What I need in this war against midnight hunger is a nice little induction cooktop, since a gas stove is just too much of a hassle for me.

4. Beanbag

    Beanbags are cool. Beanbags are not judgmental like chairs. Beanbags do not assume that you are a certain shape or size; they just go with the flow. I want a beanbag!

    My room is unfurnished excepting the bed and the drawers. There is no place to sit properly (I'm writing this lying on my back, the laptop perched over my crossed legs). A beanbag would be a welcome addition to my room. I want one and I want it black!


    This has become so common that there are 'Techie buys a DSLR' jokes on it, but it's a fad that I don't mind. Photography is a creative pursuit not very unlike writing. Writers and photographers are both storytellers with their own mediums of expression.

    I wish to travel the world and record my experiences through words and pictures. Buying a DSLR and learning how to use it effectively, would be the next part of my puzzle.
(Also, it is known that even mediocre photos taken with DSLRs get more 'likes' on facebook)

6. Walking Shoes
(because the first one should not count and I'm such a straight arrow)

    I have literally walked a thousand miles in my sandals, through malls and gullies alike. (I think I even gave an interview in them). I have used and abused them. They have always been comfy and nice, but sadly it is time for them to go. They have started to smell of the most putrid clay of Pune and Pilani. They also leave really weird tan marks on my feet – accurate parallelograms of dirty brown two inches from my toe. What I need in their place, are a pair of nice black walking shoes that I can comfortably walk the next thousand miles in and visit more weird places!

    So these were the five[ish] black things I wish for. I hope I get them soon. I've listed them here for the WhatTheBlack contest organised by BlogAdda for Flipkart.
Flipkart is apparently releasing something in black. And I'm intrigued! I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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