Mother's Day Five Sentence Fictions


    Harold came running like a wild man, a pregnancy test stick in his hand, shouting at the top of his voice, “We’re gonna have a baby!”
    “No, we're not!” said Daisy.
    “Well… according to this neat little thing here, someone’s going to call you a mom soon, whether you like it or not,” he said, beaming, like a kid with a trophy in his hand.
    “No,” said Daisy, laughing  mischievously at him. “I didn't take that test; your mom did.”

Evil Beasts

   “Why are the bad men trying to kill us, mum?” he asked, cowering behind his mother, wedging himself between her tail and the lightly seared moss on the surface of the cave.
   "I don't know, son, but I know that I won't let them get anywhere near you," she replied, resolutely, but terrified nonetheless.
   "I love you, mum," he said.
    She looked at her son once more and turned around to face the entrance to the cave to see the menacing shadows of soldiers approaching, spears in hand and stomping the ground behind their sworded leader. With all the power left in her lungs, she let out a flame that engulfed the cave, fighting to live another day as the last dragons on the face of the earth.

Across the Border

   Kanchon stroked his hand over the belly of his pregnant wife and smiled, as he felt his daughter kick for the first time. Kanta looked at Kanchon and they shared a moment of amused amazement under the flickering light of the incandescent bulb. Drops of water from the incessant downpour trickled down the makeshift roof and seeped into the muddy floor.
   Today was the day they would cross the border into India. He hoped that one day his daughter would have the option of being in a hospital when she became a mom.


    He was pacing around the room nervously, mumbling words, trying to memorize something, when she entered.
    "You called out my name, dear?" she asked.
    He turned around to face her and nervously replied, "Mom, there's something very important I want to discuss with you."
    "I know about Priya and you, darling," she said smiling, "and to tell you the truth, I already like her more than I like you."
    He stared at his mother in amazement before hugging her in happiness.

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